CiTR 101.9 Radio’s ShinDig 2012

Tuesday September 25, 2012 was the debut of Chi Sun and the Disco Tigers!

I’ve always wanted to have a band behind me and I was so happy that my friends were able to rock the Railway Club with me for ShinDig 2012!

The Disco Tigers consist of:

Mr. B – Guitar/Cowbell/Vocals/Hypeman extrodinaire

Sensi Fournier – Bass/backing Vocals/Hairy Chest Magic

Johnny Boogie – Drums/Vocals/Smooth Beats

It was a packed house but the crowd danced and laughed the night away with Chi Sun and the Disco Tigers!

Check out some highlights from the show here on youtube here: Chi Sun and the Disco Tigers LIVE @ CiTR Radio’s ShinDig 2012

Johnny D’Courcy and the Death Rangers followed us with a Rockin’ Set.

Then the Kill City Kids closed the show with their unique blend of avant guard pop/hip hop/ fusion!

It was a great night of music!

Special thanks to Ben Lai and CiTR Radio for organizing and promoting the show!


The Disco Tiger Summer Tour of 2012 Comes to a Close!!

From Edmonton to Regina!

After a wicked night of rocking out with Kemo Treats in Edmonton, the Disco Tiger Tour continued on towards Winnipeg!

The drive was quite peaceful and I really enjoyed getting a chance to travel through Saskatoon and camp out at Indian Head campgrounds near Regina.  Interesting side note…this was where the CBC filmed the comedy “Little Mosque on the Prairie“.

After narrowly avoiding a speed trap, thank you speeding Red Ford Taurus in front of me, we arrived in Winnipeg to meet up with my cousin, wife and new baby girl!  I was really happy to see her as this was my main reason for touring to Winnipeg.

I was really excited to perform at the Pyramid Cabaret.  The Pyramid Cabaret is a venue with a long history of great bands gracing their stage!  Artists I look up to like Sloan, the Tragically Hip, Buck 65, Big Sugar have all performed at the Pyramid!  I was honored to have the opportunity to perform at the Pyramid!

Unfortunately, Monday summer nights in Winnipeg can be a little quiet.  I performed a short set to a small crowd however, I was happy to just be in Winnipeg with my cousin there!  Luckily, Dave the owner of the Pyramid arrived to watch the set!  He really enjoys my music and he hopes that we will be able to work together again in the future.  Hopefully it will be a Weekend Show instead of a weekday show as I would love to come back and perform plus visit my cousin again!

From Winnipeg, it was on to the USA!  Unfortunately, I was unable to get my Visa paperwork in order to perform most of my booked U.S. Tour dates.  However, we still decided to travel to the cities just for fun!  Luckily, I did have one show still booked!  My dream of performing in Los Angeles was still alive because it was a “Showcase” which was an unpaid performance but allowed because it was a “Showcase” for new musical talent.

From Winnipeg to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  From Minnesota to Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.  From Mt. Rushmore to Denver, Colorado.  From Denver to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  From Albuquerque to Phoenix, Arizona.  From Phoenix to San Diego, California. From San Diego to Los Angeles!

Even after hours of driving and sight seeing, I was still excited to perform and visit L.A.!  The showcase was at the Airliner in Los Angeles.  The venue has hosted big acts to the likes of Radiohead in the past.

The show was a huge success with a nice turnout!  The crowd received me well.  Laughing, clapping and dancing to my tunes!  They even had my name up in lights!  The Airliner is located on Broadway street in L.A. so I had my name in lights on Broadway!


Blank Tuesdays hosted a great night showcasing music from tons of other acts!  One of the acts that stood out the most was a beat boxing master “The Musical Mammal” aka Gabriel Arguello!  He wowed the crowd with only a mic in his hand.  Electronica/Hip Hop and Dub step beat boxed to perfection!  I hope to see and perform with the Musical Mammal again!

From L.A. it was off to San Francisco.  From San Francisco it was to Portland.  From Portland it was back home to Vancouver!

Overall, the Disco Tiger Tour 2012 covered over 10,000 kms and over 100 hours of driving!  I loved every minute of this tour and I hope to visit all these cities again.  Hopefully, I will be able to get my visa in time to officially perform to my fans in the U.S.A.!

Until the next Tour!

Thanks for all the great memories!

Chi Sun “The Asian Persuasion”



On Tour: Edmonton – August 10, 2012

After a fun time in Calgary, I made my way to Edmonton for my next stop of the “Year of the Disco Tiger” tour. Co-headlining this show with me at The Haven Social Club was local Edmonton hip hop rappers, Kemo Treats. These guys are beyond hilarious and brought some energy to the room. G-Wiz3rd and Smoovie brought big beats with precision rapping during their one hour performance.  Their singing was on tune as well…thanks to good old Auto-Tune!

With songs about camping, wine from the box, pinky swearing and douche bags texting on the dance floor, Kemo Treats is the perfect act to be paired up with!  In between songs, G-Wizrd & Smoovie would provide hilarious commentary & invite the fine people out on to the dance floor!

After watching Kemo Treats awesome set, I was inspired to put on the performance of a lifetime!  I performed all the songs from my “Disco Tiger Album” plus a few improvised gems.  I invited my friend Al up on stage because he is an award winning Bag-piper well known around Edmonton.  I then provided beat-box & Al improvised a traditional bag-piping tune.  The result…a hilarious mix of hip hop meets tradition Scottish Bag-Piping!  Something I know that the Audience was calling for…cough…cough…sarcasm…
The rest of the set went well and I was able to throw in some kung fu too!  I closed the night with “I Don’t Want No Period” and the crowd asked for an Encore…as well as a chant to “Show Your Tits” (Thanks Kemo Treats =P)

Unfortunately, I was caught a bit off guard for the Encore but realized I had one song left.  One of the first songs I ever learned how to rap was “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice.  I used to rap this gem with my good friend Ryan, who happened to be in the crowd. I coaxed him onto the stage and we did our own rendition of the song…mistakes and all but it was just like old times!

After the show, I proceeded to share some ice cream sandwiches with the crowd & sell my CD too.  One new fan paid me $20 for my CD and would not take extras or change.  It was an extremely kind gesture that inspires me to continue writing and performing my music!

Thank you to all my friends and fans for coming to the show!  Darrek, Ani & the rest of the crew at the Haven Social Club did an excellent job running this fun establishment!

Also, congratulations to my new friends Kemo Treats…Edmonton, you can catch them LIVE opening up for LMFAO in September!  Good luck Boyz, I know you will be “Straight Gowld”

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On Tour: Calgary – August 7, 2012

The Disco Tiger is on tour! The Year of the Disco Tiger tour started off from Vancouver to Calgary. After camping a night in Revelstoke, I made my way to Calgary for a gig at Dickens Pub, opening for Kytami, a hip-hop-electronic violinist from Victoria.

The night started up with a performance by local Calgary musician Aislinn Grant showcasing folk/indie/pop covers and originals for the crowd.  She has an amazing voice (Showcased in her cover of “At Last”) with a quick wit and quirky sense of humor too (cover of “I Like Big Butts”)

Afterwards I came on to pump up the crowd and try to get some laughs with my Disco Tiger set list – “Sister From Another Mister”, “Disco Tiger”, “Capri Pantz”,”The Anti-Social Network”, “Inside the Mind of an Asshole”, “Are You a Ho?”, “I Don’t Want No Period” & I closed the show with fan favorite “Sandwiches” – also busted a move with some old school break-dancing…literally, my hip is a little sore from the windmill action =P

Followed after my set was local Calgary band, The Electric Monk, providing a set of blues/folk rock/indie music. Tyler Larson is a talented guitar player showcasing his slide & looping skills.

After his set, Tyler introduced the main headliner, Kytami! Kytami got people up on the dance floor, dancing to her rock/electronic beats. She was joined by MC Jay Tablet & J.O. Beats on the live drums + sampling duties!  Kytami’s violin playing was on point and J.O. Beats were steady and Phat!  MC Jay Tablet also joined the stage rockin’ the crowd with some of his own material as well.  Keep an eye out for these guys on their “Road to Shambala” Tour!

Overall, it was a great night of music showcasing a wide variety of musical genres!  Is that weird?  Not if you look at my ipod tracklist of genres ranging from pop/rock/folk/classical/electronica & hip hop!  If you are in the Calgary neighborhood, definitely check out Dickens Pub.  They have great daily specials and live music throughout the week!  The management and staff are great while Gavin provided excellent sound and lighting!  Looking forward to my next show Friday August 10th in Edmonton at the Haven Social Club with the hilarious Kemo Treats!

Recap: Make Music Vancouver 2012

Every year around the world Make Music (#MMV12) is celebrated in various cities in over 100 countries to celebrate the diversity of music. This year in Vancouver, Make Music Vancouver hosted its one night free music festival in Gastown June 21, 2012. I had the opportunity to showcase my hip hop comedy to locals and tourists passing by Gastown at this event.

Thanks to all the various bands and independent artists for sharing your music with us. I got to hear several new upcoming acts.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Spot #7 outside Al Porto Ristorante to listen to my music. I’m here to make you all laugh when you hear my music and very happy to see that there were quite a few people smiling and laughing at my songs. This disco tiger will continue to perform to make you all laugh and dance!

Recap: Car Free Day 2012

Last weekend I made an appearance at Car Free Day 2012 on the West End. Playing a set at the corner of Comox and Denman Street as part of the PuddleCity Arts music tent, check out below some photo highlights of the day! Yes, that was a dancing pickle that joined in dancing to Sandwiches!