About Chi Sun

Chi Sun “The Asian Persuasion” is a man who is truly proud to be an authentic “Ho.” He was born in an igloo in rural Ontario, Canada. Part dork, part nerd…he is a giant steaming “Derd.” His Parents fled the jungles of Brunei searching for a better life. They settled in Canada for the promise of tropical winters and an endless supply of Beaver Meat. Life was not easy for Chi Sun as a child. After a spanking, he was abandoned at the local Chinese grocery store after he destroyed the family’s Chinese chicken feather duster. He was left to survive with only a BBQ Pork bun and a M.C. Hammer/Vanilla Ice mix-tape. He was eventually found and adopted by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They raised him and taught him how to master his skills as a rapper/musician and performer.

Chi Sun is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, turntables, keyboards, Synths, cello, drums and the bass for all of his recordings. Making music that is fun and silly because life can be too serious at times.

He is a “Disco Tiger” who loves to eat sandwiches!  Chi Sun “The Asian Persuasion” will answer you with songs that will make you dance as if you are being hit with a Chinese chicken feather duster!  He enjoys making music with a sense of humor because life can be too serious at times. Chi Sun is an interactive and energetic performer who may surprise you with a cheesy dance move or two.

Recently, Chi Sun has joined forces with his band “The Disco Tigers”

Nate Dawg – Guitar, CowBell & Vocals

Sensei Fournier – Bass & Back-up Vocals

Johnny Boogie – Drums & Back-up Vocals

Chi Sun “The Asian Persuasion” – Lead Guitar, Turntables & Vocals/Raps/Cheese

Contact him if you are interested in booking Chi Sun or Chi Sun and the Disco Tigers for a show!

Past career highlights have included a #8 Album Chart Debut for April. 24, 2012 on CiTR 101.9 Radio,  “The Disco Tiger Summer North American Tour 2012”, CiTR 101.9 Radio’s ShinDig 2012, Make Music Vancouver 2012, Car Free Day Festival 2011 & 2012, the Junos After Party, the New Music West Festival, Performing at the “Generator” in London – England and various newspaper, radio and television interviews (Edmonton Journal, 88.5 CJSR radio, 101.9 CiTR radio, A-Channel Victoria, Vancity Voice).

To listen to all his songs from his new album “Year of The Disco Tiger” please visit the music player and store:http://www.facebook.com/ChiSunHo/app_155326481208883


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