On Tour: Edmonton – August 10, 2012

After a fun time in Calgary, I made my way to Edmonton for my next stop of the “Year of the Disco Tiger” tour. Co-headlining this show with me at The Haven Social Club was local Edmonton hip hop rappers, Kemo Treats. These guys are beyond hilarious and brought some energy to the room. G-Wiz3rd and Smoovie brought big beats with precision rapping during their one hour performance.  Their singing was on tune as well…thanks to good old Auto-Tune!

With songs about camping, wine from the box, pinky swearing and douche bags texting on the dance floor, Kemo Treats is the perfect act to be paired up with!  In between songs, G-Wizrd & Smoovie would provide hilarious commentary & invite the fine people out on to the dance floor!

After watching Kemo Treats awesome set, I was inspired to put on the performance of a lifetime!  I performed all the songs from my “Disco Tiger Album” plus a few improvised gems.  I invited my friend Al up on stage because he is an award winning Bag-piper well known around Edmonton.  I then provided beat-box & Al improvised a traditional bag-piping tune.  The result…a hilarious mix of hip hop meets tradition Scottish Bag-Piping!  Something I know that the Audience was calling for…cough…cough…sarcasm…
The rest of the set went well and I was able to throw in some kung fu too!  I closed the night with “I Don’t Want No Period” and the crowd asked for an Encore…as well as a chant to “Show Your Tits” (Thanks Kemo Treats =P)

Unfortunately, I was caught a bit off guard for the Encore but realized I had one song left.  One of the first songs I ever learned how to rap was “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice.  I used to rap this gem with my good friend Ryan, who happened to be in the crowd. I coaxed him onto the stage and we did our own rendition of the song…mistakes and all but it was just like old times!

After the show, I proceeded to share some ice cream sandwiches with the crowd & sell my CD too.  One new fan paid me $20 for my CD and would not take extras or change.  It was an extremely kind gesture that inspires me to continue writing and performing my music!

Thank you to all my friends and fans for coming to the show!  Darrek, Ani & the rest of the crew at the Haven Social Club did an excellent job running this fun establishment!

Also, congratulations to my new friends Kemo Treats…Edmonton, you can catch them LIVE opening up for LMFAO in September!  Good luck Boyz, I know you will be “Straight Gowld”

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