On Tour: Calgary – August 7, 2012

The Disco Tiger is on tour! The Year of the Disco Tiger tour started off from Vancouver to Calgary. After camping a night in Revelstoke, I made my way to Calgary for a gig at Dickens Pub, opening for Kytami, a hip-hop-electronic violinist from Victoria.

The night started up with a performance by local Calgary musician Aislinn Grant showcasing folk/indie/pop covers and originals for the crowd.  She has an amazing voice (Showcased in her cover of “At Last”) with a quick wit and quirky sense of humor too (cover of “I Like Big Butts”)

Afterwards I came on to pump up the crowd and try to get some laughs with my Disco Tiger set list – “Sister From Another Mister”, “Disco Tiger”, “Capri Pantz”,”The Anti-Social Network”, “Inside the Mind of an Asshole”, “Are You a Ho?”, “I Don’t Want No Period” & I closed the show with fan favorite “Sandwiches” – also busted a move with some old school break-dancing…literally, my hip is a little sore from the windmill action =P

Followed after my set was local Calgary band, The Electric Monk, providing a set of blues/folk rock/indie music. Tyler Larson is a talented guitar player showcasing his slide & looping skills.

After his set, Tyler introduced the main headliner, Kytami! Kytami got people up on the dance floor, dancing to her rock/electronic beats. She was joined by MC Jay Tablet & J.O. Beats on the live drums + sampling duties!  Kytami’s violin playing was on point and J.O. Beats were steady and Phat!  MC Jay Tablet also joined the stage rockin’ the crowd with some of his own material as well.  Keep an eye out for these guys on their “Road to Shambala” Tour!

Overall, it was a great night of music showcasing a wide variety of musical genres!  Is that weird?  Not if you look at my ipod tracklist of genres ranging from pop/rock/folk/classical/electronica & hip hop!  If you are in the Calgary neighborhood, definitely check out Dickens Pub.  They have great daily specials and live music throughout the week!  The management and staff are great while Gavin provided excellent sound and lighting!  Looking forward to my next show Friday August 10th in Edmonton at the Haven Social Club with the hilarious Kemo Treats!


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